Consignment Agreement

Consignment Agreement

Name:___________________________________ Phone:_______________________________ Address:_________________________________ Email:________________________________

Quantity of items:

Clothing:___________________ Shoes:__________ Other:___________

Terms and Conditions


We value your input regarding pricing and will do our best to get you the most money for your items. If items don’t sell, they may be discounted at our discretion, unless you specify otherwise.


Initial term of contract is a minimum of 90 days. We will contact you as close to the end of your term as possible, to update you on your payout and to either end your term or extend it. After the term ends, unsold items can be picked up within 14 days. There is also the option for us to buy your remaining items if we think we can sell them. The consignment period begins after we have inspected, inventoried, and uploaded your items to our website.

Return Items (Please check one):

❑ I will pick up my unsold items within 14 days after my consignment term ends


❑ L.B.C can keep or purchase my unsold items

Getting Paid:

Little Britches will e-transfer your portion of the sales within 1 week of your term ending.

*Please make sure items are clean and inspected for stains and defects. Items must also have size tags attached. We will only accept items suitable for the season you are consigning during. We can also only accept up to 100 items per consignment.


Little Britches Consignment will do everything in their control to maintain the integrity of the articles consigned and secure them during the consignment period. Little Britches Consignment will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage to articles being consigned. By signing this agreement, I agree to all terms and certify that I own the items being consigned with all rights to sell such items.

Signature:__________________________________________ Date:_____________________